Bay Tree Florists, Elgin

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ECO Friendly

As a retail florist in Elgin for over 26 years we create and deliver many bouquets every day, but we care about our world and the environment that we live in and want to reduce our carbon footprint thus we have specially created a new range of designs using fully-biodegradable or recyclable packing yet not compromising on the beautiful packaging of our designs that our customers expect.

The wrapping of these Eco branded designs will be as recyclable or biodegradable as possible and will use a minimum of 95% less non recyclable plastics than our previous designs (November 2018). The paper, tissue, gift box, card, envelope and care card can be recycled and the gift card is now attached to a bamboo stem or to the wrapping rather than using the previous traditional plastic florist card holder. Our designs will also be tied using natural materials such as biodegradable string.

Where a single square of cellophane is used this will only be to contain the bubble of water to fill the design's key feature.

To finish our designs we will mainly use silk ribbon and other naturally sourced products such as hessian, rather then the traditional polypropylene florist ribbon.

For all our gift designs created using floral foam we have now switched over to OASIS biodegradable version which gives all the same qualities as previously, but in an ECO-friendly way.

We have now completed a transitional period and used the majority of items we have had in stock such as some plastic based non-recyclable materials for instance, twine and rather than putting this directly into landfill we will use these products on occasions but are fully committed to this ethos and not to purchase for use any more of these plastic based products.

As a small independent business based in the heartland of Morayshire which has some of the most beautifully scenic and idyllically rugged countryside in Scotland, we care about our local environment and that of our whole world and the impact we have on it not only for ourselves but for all of our future generations.